Quick Answer: Why Does Lennie Strok Curley’S Wife’S Hair?

What happens when Lennie touches Curley’s wife’s hair?

When Curley’s wife allows Lennie to be comforted by stroking her hair, he then becomes overwhelmed by the feelings of the moment and begins grabbing her hair too hard.

When she begins yelling out in pain, Lennie begins covering her mouth and shaking her violently, leading to her neck breaking..

What is Lennie’s mental disability?

Of Mice and Men is a story about an intellectually disabled man. Lennie’s disability is central to the plot; if he were not intellectually disabled, the story would simply not work. It has also been suggested (Loftis, 2015, 2016) that Lennie exhibits characteristics of autism.

Is Curley’s wife a villain or victim?

Curley’s wife is not a villain. Curley is also jealous and always rearing for a fight. George tells Lennie to keep away from Curley’s wife, because if they fight they are going to get fired. Curley’s wife is always looking around, trying to find her husband.

What kind of person is Curley’s wife?

She is undeniably lonely, making excuses to hang around the bunkhouse “looking for her husband.” She desires companionship but gets nothing but scorn and derision from the men. Like the other important characters in the story, Curley’s wife is a victim of broken dreams.

Is Curley’s wife really in love with her husband?

Judging from Curley’s wife’s flirtatious behavior with the other men on the ranch, she is not in love with her husband or with anybody else. When she has a long talk with Lennie in the barn before he accidentally kills her, she reveals a great deal about herself.

Why does Lennie grab Curley’s wife’s hair?

“Feel right aroun’ there an’ see how soft it is.” Lennie’s big fingers fell to stroking her hair. When Lennie starts stroking her hair, it is clear that he gets aroused. The best guess is that he gets sexually aroused by Curley’s wife, which is something he is not exempt of merely for being a mentally decelerated man.

Why did George kill Lennie?

George killed lennie, because he did not want lennie to suffer at the hands of curley. Curley said that he would shoot him, if he found him. … Slim was referring to locking Lennie up in a mental hospital. So George has always done what is best for Lennie, so he did it again.

Did Lennie kill a puppy?

Lennie accidentally kills his puppy, probably by squeezing him or hitting him too hard. … He is afraid that when George sees he killed his puppy, George will not let him tend the rabbits on the farm they have dreamed about owning. So, he tries to hide the body of the puppy only to have it discovered by Curley’s wife.

What is Candy’s greatest fear?

Candy’s greatest fear is that once he is no longer able to help with the cleaning he will be “disposed of.” Like his old dog, he has lived beyond his usefulness. Candy and his dog parallel the relationship of George and Lennie.

Who is to blame for Curley’s wife’s death?

In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, a scene occurs where Lennie, unintentionally, kills Curley’s wife. George is the most responsible for the death of Curley’s Wife because he is Lennie’s caretaker and has conditioned Lennie to hide his actions.

What is Curley’s wife’s hair compared to?

Curley’s wife is described as a “girl,” not a woman. When her hair is described as sausages, it reinforces that all of the men on the ranch, including Curley, look at her as only a piece of meat. She is a sexual object, and nothing more.

Who finds Curley’s wife’s body?

Worried that he will get into trouble, Lennie covers her mouth with his hand and shakes her. He breaks her neck then leaves, aware that he has done something wrong. Candy goes into the barn and finds Curley’s wife’s body.

What does Lennie’s death symbolize?

Along with this image, in Of Mice and Men, a novella written by Nobel Prize-winning author John Steinbeck, Lennie’s death also signifies humans’ solitude from realizing the impossibility of thes American dream, a wish for untainted happiness and fulfillment of desires.

How does George feel after killing Lennie?

In Of Mice and Men, George feels anguish after killing Lennie, but he knows that killing Lennie was the most humane thing to do. In killing Lennie, George loses both a friend and a representation of his dreams.

What does Lennie do after he kills Curley’s wife?

Where does Lennie go right after he kills Curley’s wife? Lennie ran to go hide in the brush by the river, where George told him to. 6.

How is Curley’s wife manipulative?

Similarly, Curley’s wife is also a manipulator. She tells Lennie her story about wanting to become an actress, and about how lonely she is, manipulating Lennie into spending time with her. … Lennie, unaware of his strength, accidentally kills her when she struggles, as he is petting her hair.

What does Curley say when his wife dies?

You ain’t no good now, you lousy tart.” And he goes on to lament the loss of what could have been, repeating “the old words” he had heard George tell Lennie: “If they was a circus or a baseball game…we would have went to her…