Quick Answer: What Does Fore Mean?

What does prefix fore mean?

Definition of fore- (Entry 6 of 6) 1a : earlier : beforehand foresee.

b : occurring earlier : occurring beforehand foreshock.

2a : situated at the front : in front foreleg..

How do you spell 4?

That’s right: the word for the number 4 is four, but ten times that is 40, which is spelled forty.

What does accustomed mean?

1 : often used or practiced : customary her accustomed cheerfulness. 2 : adapted to existing conditions eyes accustomed to the dark. 3 : being in the habit or custom a team accustomed to winning.

What does bring to the fore mean?

bring something to the fore. to move something forward; to make something more prominent or noticeable. All the talk about costs brought the question of budgets to the fore. The question of budget planning was brought to the fore.

What is the opposite word of for?

What is the opposite of for?againstantiin opposition toopposed tonot in favor ofantagonistic tocritical ofhostile tonot forcontra3 more rows

How do you use the word fore in a sentence?

A fool always rushed to the fore.A fool always rushes to the fore.Environmental issues came to the fore in the 1980s.She’s always to the fore at moments of crisis.The crew lashed down the cargo on the fore deck. … The problem has come to the fore again in recent months.Your seat is in the fore part of the aircraft.More items…•May 8, 2017

How do you spell 100?

The number 100 is written as “one hundred”, but sometimes people say “a hundred”.

Does golf really stand for?

The word ‘golf’ is not an acronym for anything. Rather, it derives linguistically from the Dutch word ‘kolf’ or ‘kolve,’ meaning quite simply ‘club.

How do you use fore?

For is a preposition meaning “because of,” “directed to,” or “in favor of.” As an adjective, fore means “earlier” or “forward”; as a noun, it means “the front.” Four is the number 4. For pity’s sake, move to the fore of the boat before this thing capsizes and the four of us take a cold dip!

What does fore mean in reading?

You are here: Home / Spelling / Prefixes / Prefixes Fore. Leave a Comment. The prefix, – fore, implies before (earlier), e.g., foresee, at the front (in front), e.g. foreleg, and the front part of something, e.g., forearm.

What is the opposite of fore?

Antonyms: abaft, astern, aft. Synonyms: forrad, forrard, frontwards, forwards, frontward, ahead, forth, forrader, onwards, onward, forward.

What does Foresight mean?

1 : an act or the power of foreseeing : prescience Through foresight she could tell what the outcome would be. 2 : provident care : prudence had the foresight to invest his money wisely. 3 : an act of looking forward also : a view forward.

Why do golfers not wear two gloves?

Most golfers don’t wear two gloves because it loosens the grip resulting in more inconsistent golf shots. Golfers also prefer to have a hand without a golf glove because it helps improve their feel of the swing which helps with timing and proper contact. When you boil it down though, golf gloves are only a preference.

What do golfers yell?

Golf etiquette dictates that golfers should always yell “fore” upon hitting a shot that carries the risk of hitting another golfer. As long as you yelled “fore,” you did all you could to warn the other golfers. Convey this message to them in as polite a manner as possible.

Why do golfers say fore?

“Fore!”, originally a Scots interjection, is used to warn anyone standing or moving in the flight of a golf ball. … These caddies were often warned about oncoming golf balls by a shout of the term “fore-caddie” which was eventually shortened to just “fore!”.

What is another word for fore?

What is another word for fore?beforeantecedentlybeforehandaheadprecedentlyforwardantepreviousnearnearest79 more rows

Does fore mean before?

Definition for fore (3 of 3) a prefix meaning “before” (in space, time, condition, etc.), “front,” “superior,” etc.: forehead; forecastle; forecast; foretell; foreman.

How do you spell 14?

14 (fourteen) is a natural number following 13 and succeeded by 15. In relation to the word “four” (4), 14 is spelled “fourteen”.

What words mean fire?

other words for fireblaze.bonfire.heat.inferno.combustion.devouring.embers.scorching.