Quick Answer: Are Plastic Golf Tees Legal?

Do plastic tees damage golf clubs?

This design allows for less surface to be in contact with the ball so there is less friction when the club comes in contact.

Unfortunately, plastic tees are not without their drawbacks.

While they are durable, these tees can easily bend and lose their strength from wear-and-tear..

Do plastic golf tees make a difference?

Made from plastic, the 4 Yards More tees have a flexible six-prong top. That helps to reduce friction and resistance between the ball and tee, allowing you to made cleaner contact. Some golfers will be turned off by the innovative design, but these tees can get the job done for those willing to take a chance.

Is it harder to hit a 9.5 driver?

Benefits of a 9-Degree Driver A 9-degree driver takes a bit more clubhead speed to hit well. If you are a faster swinging player, the 10.5-degree driver may launch too high for you. Faster swinging golfers can compress a golf ball much better than a slower swinging player.

What is the best driver for an average golfer?

Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue DriverCallaway Golf 2020 Rogue Driver Callaway Rogue Driver is considered by some golfers as the best driver for the average golfer.

Do pro golfers use plastic tees?

What Tees Do Professional Golfers Use? The answer to this one will probably surprise you, pro golfers tend to use the free tees that they are given at tournaments. Trust me there are always thousands on-hand for players and caddies to grab and they are always wooden tees.

What golf tees are illegal?

A tee must not: Be longer than 4 inches (101.6 mm). Be designed or manufactured in such a way that it could indicate line of play. Unduly influence the movement of the ball or otherwise assist the player in making a stroke or in his play.