Question: How Is Curley’S Wife Manipulative?

How is Curley’s wife described in Chapter 2?

In chapter two, we see Curley’s wife exactly as George describes her.

She is a tart and she is trouble.

Curley’s wife seems only to want attention (sexual attention) and is willing to put other people at risk to gain that attention.

For this reason, she is dangerous..

Why did George kill Lennie?

George killed lennie, because he did not want lennie to suffer at the hands of curley. Curley said that he would shoot him, if he found him. … Slim was referring to locking Lennie up in a mental hospital. So George has always done what is best for Lennie, so he did it again.

Why is Curley’s wife lonely?

The primary reason why Curley’s wife is so lonely is due to the fact that she is the only female on the ranch; she has no one to identify with, does not have a sympathetic husband, and lacks social interaction.

How does the behavior of Curley’s wife seem?

Candy comes in and starts taking about rabbits and how he has money for the farm. How does the behavior of Curley’s wife seem deliberately designed to provoke the men? … Curley’s wife calls crook a racial slurs, calls Lennie stupid, and calls Candy old. Offencive terms.

How does Lennie kill the puppy?

Lennie accidentally kills his puppy, probably by squeezing him or hitting him too hard. … He is afraid that when George sees he killed his puppy, George will not let him tend the rabbits on the farm they have dreamed about owning. So, he tries to hide the body of the puppy only to have it discovered by Curley’s wife.

What does Curley’s wife claim she could’ve done if she didn’t get married?

What does Curley’s wife say she might have done instead of marrying Curley? She would’ve become an actress. She had met a guy that told her she’s a natural and promised to send a letter inviting her, which she never received.

Is Curley’s wife a villain or victim?

Curley’s wife is not a villain. Curley is also jealous and always rearing for a fight. George tells Lennie to keep away from Curley’s wife, because if they fight they are going to get fired. Curley’s wife is always looking around, trying to find her husband.

Why did Curley wear a glove with Vaseline?

Curley wears a “glove fulla Vaseline” on one hand because, according to Candy, “he’s keepin’ that hand soft for his wife.” Since farm work is physical and tough on a person’s hands, the Vaseline will prevent at least one of Curley’s hands from becoming chapped and rough—something he clearly believes his wife would find …

Who finds Curley’s wife dead?

Candy comes looking for Lennie in the barn and discovers the body of Curley’s wife. He fetches George, who knows exactly what has happened when he sees the body. Candy warns that Curley will lynch Lennie if they don’t let him get away.

Why does slim give Lennie a puppy?

George is probably thinking that having a puppy will keep Lennie out of trouble and that it is better for him to have a puppy than to keep playing with mice. Slim is probably glad to get rid of two mongrel puppies so easily. He can give one to Candy to take the place of the old dog Carlson is determined to shoot.

Is Curley’s wife happy in her marriage?

Judging from Curley’s wife’s flirtatious behavior with the other men on the ranch, she is not in love with her husband or with anybody else. When she has a long talk with Lennie in the barn before he accidentally kills her, she reveals a great deal about herself.

How was Curley’s wife presented?

Steinbeck portrays Curley’s wife as sexual, innocent, and dissatisfied, which often causes her to jeer at the ranch hands. She wore her bright cotton dress and the mules with the red ostrich feathers. Her face was made up and the little sausage curls were all in place.

How is Curley’s wife misunderstood?

Curley’s Wife is misunderstood due to the workers’ assumptions, Curley’s relationship with her, and her unclear background. An example of Curley’s wife’s misunderstanding is how the workers on the ranch assume her intentions when she tries to talk with one of them.

Why is George and Lennie’s plan possible now?

Here, Candy asks if he can join in George and Lennie’s plan to own a small farm, ultimately turning their dream into a possible reality since he has money to contribute. “They all sat still, all bemused by the beauty of the thing” because the three men realize that this plan now has real possibility.

What does Curley’s wife say she is really looking for?

George interprets her time searching for Curley as an attempt to tease the men and calls her a “tart.” She doesn’t mind when Curley finds out she has been flirting with the men, because it makes him jealous and in turn, he pays her attention.

What did Curley’s wife want to be?

Curley’s wife’s dream is to become a movie actress. A man once told her he’d put her in movies, but Curley’s wife never heard back from him. She holds on to that dream and talks about what could have been. At a more basic level, her dream is about being able to escape the ranch and her dissatisfying marriage to Curley.

What does Curley’s wife say she would have done if she wasn’t on the farm?

She notices the bruises on Lennie’s face and begins to put the pieces together. What does Curley’s wife say she would have done to Crooks? She threatens to hang him.

What color is Lennie’s puppy?

Early in the novella, George promises Lennie that he will get him a puppy if he gets the chance, saying the puppy would be “better than mice.” So, when Lennie and George overhear Slim talking about his dog’s new litter, Lennie immediately perks up and excitedly asks George to talk to Slim about giving him a “brown and …

What is Lennie’s disability?

Of Mice and Men is a story about an intellectually disabled man. Lennie’s disability is central to the plot; if he were not intellectually disabled, the story would simply not work. It has also been suggested (Loftis, 2015, 2016) that Lennie exhibits characteristics of autism.