How Did Scrooge Feel When He Saw Himself As A Boy?

Who did Belle marry in A Christmas Carol?

Ebenezer ScroogeBelle was the love interest of Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol and every adaption.

When she was engaged to him, he kept pushing the wedding back until his finances were no longer poor..

Was Scrooge sexually assaulted?

“Just you and I here again for Christmas, Scrooge. … You’ll be with me, just like last year,” says the headmaster in the TV adaptation of A Christmas Carol, as it becomes horribly clear that Scrooge was sexually abused or raped every Christmas at his boarding school after all the other pupils had left.

How does Scrooge describe himself?

Dickens describes Scrooge as “a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, old sinner! Hard and sharp as flint,… secret, and self-contained, and solitary as an oyster.” He does business from a Cornhill warehouse and is known among the merchants of the Royal Exchange as a man of good credit.

Why do you think Scrooge’s house has gone from beautiful to rundown and filthy?

Explain why you think Scrooge’s house has gone from beautiful to rundown and filthy. Scrooge’s house has gone from beautiful to rundown and filthily because the longer he works and the more money he made, the more greedy he became. … Marley flustered with many emotions during his visit with Scrooge.

What happened to Scrooge’s fiance?

Belle appears during the sequence where The Ghost of Christmas Past is showing Scrooge his past. Here, we see that she was his fiancée, but she eventually broke off their engagement due to his growing obsession with money.

How does Scrooge feel when he realizes the visits?

How does Scrooge feel when he realizes the visits are over? When Scrooge realizes that he visits are over he is beyond grateful for a second chance at his life. He completely changes when he begins to shout “Merry Christmas!” at the top of his lungs.

How did Scrooge react when he saw his books?

How did Scrooge react when he saw his books? He remebered his childhood and started feeling a little sad. … For Scrooge, they reply because scrooge has always treated them unfairly.

Did Scrooge have a bad childhood?

Mr. Scrooge reports that he spent most of his childhood in boarding school. He was often isolated and forgotten by his family. He felt and still believes that his father did not care much for him.

How did Jacob Marley die?

heart attackIn the 1995 made-for-TV film Ebbie, Jeffrey DeMunn plays Marley’s modern version, Jake Marley, Elizabeth “Ebbie” Scrooge’s mentor and later partner who dies of a heart attack right in front of her.

What did Scrooge’s wife say had replaced her?

She broke off their engagement because he had replaced love of her with love of money. “What Idol has displaced you?” he rejoined. “A golden one.” professes to condemn with such severity as the pursuit of wealth!”

Who was Scrooge’s girlfriend?

BelleCharacter information Belle is Ebenezer Scrooge’s neglected girlfriend from his past in Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol.

What are Scrooge’s fears?

The text states that Scrooge “wept to see his poor forgotten self”. Conceivably, his fear comes in the form of regret and remorse: knowing he has lost companions, a fiancé and a family. The third ghost takes Scrooge to see several people who would benefit from his death.

How did Scrooge react to seeing himself as a child?

Scrooge was transported to his childhood school. When the Ghost of Christmas Present first took him back, Scrooge was taken back to a vision of himself as a child. He remembered it as if it were yesterday. … However, Scrooge reacted with sympathy to Marley, and reacted with surprise and glee when he saw the boys.

What does Belle say has replaced her?

When Scrooge asks Belle what idol has replaced her, she responds by saying, “A golden one” (Dickens, 40). Belle is essentially telling Scrooge that gold and currency has replaced his love for her.

Why did Scrooge and Belle Break Up?

In A Christmas Carol, Belle breaks up with Scrooge because he has become obsessed with money. … Belle goes on to communicate that she knows, if he had a choice now, Scrooge would never get engaged to a dowerless [meaning she brings no money to the marriage] girl like herself.

Why are Caroline and her husband so happy over Scrooge’s death?

Caroline and her husband are relieved to hear about Ebenezer Scrooge’s death because they owe him money. … As a result, they are relieved that the old man has died, but they feel guilty about their relief.

Who does Ignorance and Want belong to?

When Scrooge meets the Ghost of Christmas Present, he is shocked when two wild and ragged children tumble out from the giant’s robes. He thinks they must belong to the giant, but he tells Scrooge that they are Man’s. He tells him the boy is called Ignorance and the girl Want.

Did Scrooge have a wife?

In Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol, the Ghost of Christmas past shows us the young Ebenezer engaged to be married to Belle. … We can imagine that after a 20 year marriage, a miserly Scrooge has achieved great success in the money-lending business. He and Belle have two sons of 10 and 13.

Why does Scrooge hate Christmas?

Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol hates Christmas because it is a disruption of his business and his money-making, but he also hates Christmas because that happy time of the year emphasizes how unhappy he is and recalls memories he would rather forget.

What does Scrooge scream when he realizes he is saved?

What does scrooge scream when he realizes he is saved? Merry Christmas! How is Scrooge feeling? He is overjoyed and bubbling with excitement about starting his new life.

Why is Scrooge so mean?

The theory: Scrooge is so stingy because he lived through the Napoleonic Wars and knows what economic hardship is really like. Whaaaaat? … So according to the theory, Scrooge may have had a good reason for being stingy after all. He knows what economic hardship is like, and that shaped the person he became.