Do You Hinge Wrists With Driver?

What is a cupped wrist in golf?

What it means to be cupped during your backswing is your left wrist bends so that the back of your left hand and the top of your left forearm create an angle like Photo 1 above.

The more the left wrist cups, the more trouble we will find ourselves in during the remainder of the swing..

What causes a cupped left wrist?

The stronger your left hand is in relation to your right hand the more cupped the left wrist will appear when your right wrist is bent backwards. … For the majority of golfers who struggle to get shaft lean and slice the ball the left hand grip is weaker than the right hand.

Do you hinge your wrists golf swing?

Hinging your wrists is an important move in the golf swing because it will be a large source of your power. … In order to produce power and speed in your golf swing, you need to hinge your wrists properly and naturally. This wrist hinge creates a downward pressure that can be released into the ball on the downswing.

Should you hinge your wrists in backswing?

Remember during the golf swing, if your arms, shoulders and hips are working properly, the wrists should hinge automatically and on time. … David Leadbetter believes hinging the wrists early prevents a flat backswing where the club gets stuck too far inside.

What happens if you don’t hinge your wrists in golf swing?

So, the wrist action in the golf swing can really help you hit the ball farther, more solid, and on-line if you follow these simple tips above. Without the proper wrist action in the golf swing, you’ll struggle to get the ball flying high and towards the target; two things that every golfer needs to be able to do.

Why does my wrist hurt after golf?

Wrist Injuries Sprains often happen when golfers strike a root or rock during their swing. … If you’ve been noticing a gradual increase in wrist pain after golfing, it may be tendinitis. Wrist tendinitis comes with overuse or poor form. Stress from swinging the club causes tiny tears in your wrist tendons.

How do I keep my wrist hinges downswing?

In order to maintain wrist angle on the downswing the arms must stay in front of your body….This is a rehearsal drill.Set up next to the golf ball.Swing back at full speed and then stop at the top of the backswing.Maintaining your arm and wrist position, only initiate a downswing with the lower body and then stop.More items…

Should I shorten my backswing?

Some players can handle a longer backswing, while others can’t. That being said, in general, most amateur golfers over-swing in their backswing, especially with their driver. This means they let their backswing get longer than they can handle. So, shortening of the backswing is needed to improve their overall game.